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Fetish Couture Twins

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In all my time in Second Life® I have been called many names, different forms of describing myself and my way of being, but those people have never really being able to hit on the spot to define what I am, except maybe a few counted ones, those few ones that remain near me and take the time to know me for who I am, and what I like.

However, there is one special person, someone who really gets me. Someone who amazingly is very similar to me and someone who is just like me. We have been disregarded by many, and yet we have remained together and true to ourselves.

My fetish Couture twin ~ Wicca Merlin

The thing you should know about Wicca and me, is that we share many tastes and many ideals, but the major is that the fashion industry needs to stop putting so many labels on art and start accepting all forms of fashion as the art it is, and we share that ideal and passion when it comes to fetish and fashion.

Wicca – Mea Culpa ~ The Abyss NEW | Lovely Mi ~ Couture Stain Red and Lybra Au Gaga | Mea Culpa ~ Raptor Shoes

Miwa – Mea Culpa ~ The Abyss NEW | cStar ~ Gorejus 2.0 Skin | BAX ~ Leather Black Boots


Author: C. Aranday

Miwa Aranday is a pedagogy student in Mexico City soon to graduate. For design, academic and business related issues, please contact her directly.

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